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2009 . . . Year of Change and Victory

All In A Day

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So I have to work out the blogging I post the same blog to all three? Do I post something different to each one? Each blog is on a different site with a TOTALLY different purpose. However, all three are the most important areas in my life right now aside from parenting and working: Faith, Fitness, and Finances.

By getting these three areas "in shape," I will be a better parent, better employee, better individual.

Today's Faith Successes:
  • Woke up at 6 am and read my bible and prayed until 7:15.
  • Stayed positive all day!

Today's Fitness Successes:
  • Parked further away from building than usual so got in 20 minute walk round trip at a great pace.
  • Drank water and NO SODA!!

Today's Finance Successes:
  • Instead of overspending at lunch, I bought only the salad I wanted to eat. Made a decision that I will buy lunch no more than once a week, usually Monday so I can catch up with friend about life.
  • Drank water and NO SODA!! Which means I DIDN'T spend $1.37 on a drink that is bad for me anyway!

Looking forward to figuring out how to stay true to my blogging, which I enjoy and motivates me to continue to press forward while not spending so much time on it. I really enjoy all three of these forums and am thinking not too many of you are on all three, so maybe I will just begin doing one blog for all three. Maybe it will be a cool way of putting life together!

Be blessed!

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