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2009 . . . Year of Change and Victory

Organized and Redecorated Entire House for $300

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I am very excited, as I was able to redecorate and organize the entire house for $300! I bought bins for Ali's toys, a hamper for her room, a few Tinker Bell wall stickers, an entire bedding set for Adiana, curtains for both girls, an entire bathroom set (rugs, curtain, hand soap holder, liquid soap holder, toothbrush holder, and trash can), and a couple of junk drawer organizers for the kitchen. I then repurposed some of the stuff that came out of each room. The girls switched rooms, which saved me money in paint, as Adiana took my room, Ali took her room, and I will share with the dog (poor me!). By doing this, my room is already "grown up" in blue and rose, which Adiana promptly covered with photos of her favorite stars. Adiana's room was already purple on top, blue on the bottom, with a fairy mural on one wall. This set a great tone with the organizers I had already bought for Ali, which now match the room decor! And I will go in with Bastian, whose room is already brown, which is the color I wanted! Finally, not only did I save on all the paint, but because of doing this, everything had to come out of every room so we were able to clean each room top to bottom! It was great.

The only problem is that everything breeds and now my living room has disappeared behind all of the stuff I have to either put into my room, the attic, or give away. Not a huge deal but tedious! I will be tackling this more when I arise today. The vacation has been great because I am on my own schedule. I am loving it!

More good news to come hopefully! I will be doing this year's budget over the next couple of days.


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