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It's the last Saturday before Christmas

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and I work in retail, so this is a weekend that I dread.

(This will be my few minute rant about work)

This weekend is when everyone is stressed, tired and ready to make a fuss about anything. I'm in a good store, with good people, but still....

The main thing that I noticed is that so many people have waited to the last minute this year. They kept holding out for sales and now they are running around trying to just find something "cheap". The thing is, you end up spending so much more money this way. Yeah, my store marked down items, but no more than they have all Christmas season. However, now things are sold out and people get angry at the staff because we can't get the stuff for them.

One example, a woman came into the store looking for 20 room sprays in a specific Christmas scent. We don't have that many on hand, and cannot order it this close to Christmas. I showed her a votive holder that no one was buying and got her to get those.

I personally shop year-round and wrap up my shopping on Black Friday. This year I did have 3 gifts left to the last minute, due to finances. I got them 2 days ago, and I'm done. I'll spend my 2 days off next week baking cookies, making jar mixes and wrapping the last of my presents. The house is cleaned. All my grocery shopping has been done. All I have to do is work and cook. If I wasn't getting paid for it, you wouldn't find me near a mall this week.

The thing is, as crazy as this weekend is, next weekend will be worse. That is when people like me do all of their Christmas shopping for next year.

I just have to tell myself 2 more weeks and then it will be much easier. I've not been able to sleep for the last few weeks and I can't wait for my stress level to drop so that I can sleep.

Grr, Grr, rant, Grr.

Okay, I'm done.

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  1. DohDohBird's Avatar
    Storage space can also dictate when one does their shopping. I can't imagine shopping a year ahead of time and having to store the presents all year. I did all my shopping last Monday, wrapped the presents and put them right under the tree.
  2. beansthemama's Avatar
    I am so sorry that you have to work retail during this time of the year. People are insane not to mention nasty out there