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wow Mailman may take your mails

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check out the link

I didn't read all the new but it enough to make me wonder if my mailman takes all my freebies

Check in the mail for 'Mailman Steve' - Local & State - News & Observer

Hope not
They are mine <--- give me back

now that eveyone mention it i haven't get my pantene or any other freebie that are mentions in the fourm
<--- Me
<--- mail man LOL

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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    Will give it some time danghsia, sometimes it takes awhile for things to get to you. It takes a few weeks.
  2. danghsia's Avatar
    yeah i known but the same thing i describe for my home in fremont got it
    (of course with different email address and different person <-- use my sister )
    LOL but the one for my dorm never seem to come
    Talk about odd
  3. beansthemama's Avatar
    That is horrible! Isn't that a federal offense?
  4. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Anything that comes thru the Post Office is federal. I come from a long line of postal workers. The blog had a link where you can read the article. It's enough to really tick you off. I mean since when is this man authorized to decide who gets what in their mailbox?
  5. marsplus1's Avatar
    I am really offended when this happens, but unfortunately it does. My dad has been a letter carrier for over 20 years, he is ready to retire though. He has been through rain, sleet snow, dark of night, and blizzards. He even came and shoveled my walk in 1993 when I was 8 months pregnant even though it was declared a state of emergency and he had to walk a mile in over a foot of snow. Don't down all the mailmen, just the crazy ones. They work very hard.
  6. wilbe95's Avatar
    I really feel for the mail people this time of the year. Their work load increase so much. The freebies do come for the most part, the mail person is not in control of when the business does or does not mail them out.

    As with any job out there you have some that do exceptional work, then you have others who coast through the work. The article was interesting to see that the people on this man's route came to his support-must not have been all bad.
  7. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    I most certainly was Not putting down all mailmen. As I said I come from a long line of postal workers including letter carriers. I am all too well aware of how hard they work. I just don't want someone else deciding what I receive in my mailbox.
  8. wilbe95's Avatar
    I just don't want someone else deciding what I receive in my mailbox.
    Janice, I agree with you. Wonder why the people came to his support. If it has my name it should be up to me to decide if it gets trashed.
  9. faxonfive's Avatar
    I dont down the postal workers, just like up they have to work, maybe he needed help You can ask marsplus1, about 3-4 years ago, our mailman was fired and the charges were pressed cause he was doing something similar and additional charges too....its sad but I hope people learn from their mistakes!!
  10. danghsia's Avatar
    I agree
    I don't put down on Mailman
    It just seeing things like this article make me piss off

    I mean i decide what is junk. Not the Mailman.

    I known that not all Mailman are bad. Just some. It go the same in any job.

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