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today is the first day...

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...of the rest of my life. im new to this blogging stuff but i figure its better than tellin my buddies the same ole boring crap all the time. this way they can read it if they want.

my name is dana, i will be 36 in a couple of weeks. i have been married for over 15 years, to my high school sweetheart. we have 2 boys, 3 and 14. i am a certified pharmacy technician for a very busy drugstore in my area.

oh and i am a breast cancer survivor. was diagnosed april 2007. finished treatment december '07 and all my surgeries september '08.

i am trying to get back on the frugal bandwagon. we do fine for a few months then splurge and mess it all up. do they have sponsors for when i want to buy something, to talk me out of it? kinda like AA for shoppers? i need one!!

we are moving this week so my house is a disaster area right now, full of junk and boxes. we have to be out in 5 days so i will work on my decluttering for a yard sale as i unpack.

any tips ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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