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Photography in the Social Groups

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This evening I posted a new group in the Social Groups (Photography).
For beginners to the experiened. And have the bug for picture taking.....A place to share your tips/ideas/photos/deals and ask questions...

I hope if any of you out here, love to take pictures and want to share info in this area that you stop by and join us. I could really use some input in this area.

Thanks, JoAnn

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Thank you JoAnn, this sounds like a really beneficial social group can't wait to see what I will learn to take some better pictures.
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    Kim, I'm just hoping that there are alot of people out here that like to take pictures as much as I do. Kim, that's all I want out of this group too (to take better pictures)..I've seen on this site some really awesome pictures. And the way that some have posted them are so great. I really liked the way Liss, has hers' signed with her name. I really want to learn that tip. So again everyone feel free to join in and give us your tips and comments -- as they say the more the merrier.......

    (no question is a dumb one)

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