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My daughter turned ten yesterday

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***I tried to post this last night but the site was down. I quickly copied it so I could paste it when the site came back up***

It's my daughter's birthday today! I can't believe she's already ten years old!

Dad called from Iraq to wish the birthday girl a happy day. He called early this morning, which was such a WONDERFUL way to start our day!

She opened her presents, and then we were off to spend her birthday money. She did very well, and bought all of this with a total of $40 in gift cards and $15 in cash:

  • a jumper dress & shirt outfit with leggings, $10 new at WalMart
  • a pair of shoes, $8.98 on clearance at Target
  • Barbie Mariposa, $10 at WalMart
  • The Parent Trap dvd, $7.50 at WalMart
  • Swap-it Polly Pocket set, $5-something at Target
  • some candy, $2 at Target she still has $4 left over, and she plans to spend that at the Good Will store for some accessories to go with her new outfit.

She chose everything herself, and was careful to spend her money wisely. It's not frequent we buy things at retail prices, so she had some sticker shock today, but it was a good lesson in value, and I am proud of the way she handled her money. And I am glad she was treated to some very nice, new things.

We went out to dinner at Denny's, which is not very frugal in itself, but she had a coupon for a free kids' meal and sundae, and I had a little extra money, so I offered.

We came home and had tres leche cake and ice cream, and the girls are both watching her new movie now.

I am so proud of my baby girl. A double digit baby

I am blessed with two wonderful gifts from God. Two daughters that are precious to me.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Happy Birthday to your daughter! Double digits is such a big one for the kids-I have one turning ten in December. Enjoy every second you can, it doesn't seem to last nearly long enough.
  2. beansthemama's Avatar
    Happy Birthday to your big princess! Little girls are so precious!
    She did do such a great job on her shopping! Yes you are blessed with two daughters.
    Take care
  3. tsgal's Avatar
    Sound's like she had a great day. What a special time she must have had.....this is a memory she will never forget.