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Sleepy Gal . . .

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Well Frugal Gurus, I have been working diligently the last 17 hours or so to fix any and all kinks and bugs in our new boards and Blogs.

My head feels like I beat it against a brick wall.

LOL, well, in any case, I know lots of people were bummed to find the links within the Alphabetical coupon list had ceased working (due to the change). I am happy to announce that they have been updated to reflect our new style/boards and are now listed in the top of our Coupons Galore Forum.

I think that about does it for today, and I'm off to see the Wizard . . . .

I'm anxious to see what you all think!

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  1. Band Camp Girl's Avatar
    Thank you for the great site Liss! :-> I love the new design and all the new features. I'm just waiting for my confirmation email.
  2. danghsia's Avatar
    Thank you Liss

    have a good night sleep

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