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Day 3- He tells me, My Stomachs Chewing on my Backbone

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So it's the end of Day 3- so far, so good. This mornings breakfast was tasty.. eggs, nestled in a bed of sauteed spinach with a couple pieces of crispy (whole30 compliant) bacon crumbled over the top. It was scrumptious, surprisingly. Click image for larger version. 

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There's only one problem.. I don't like eating 3 meals a day. I prefer to do intermittent fasting, eating between the hours of 12 noon-8 pm only. The rest of the time I don't consume anything other than water, coffee or unsweetened tea. (Nothing over 50 calories). What I've discovered is that when I eat breakfast, I'm hungry ALL day long and never feel satiated, no matter how much I (over) eat.

The whole30 protocol doesn't specifically say I can't continue to intermittent fast, so I'm ditching the breakfast meal & opting to eat later in the day.

For snacks we've been grabbing a handful of fresh cherries, a handful of pistachios (which take a little longer to eat because you have to break them open first!), sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. I did munch a few pieces of fresh pineapple this morning, but mainly because I was cutting it up for my kid to munch and it smelled so good, I popped a few pieces down, but hey, it's on the list of approved foods.

Hubby isn't too happy about giving up his homebrew beer (yes, we even make our own Beer), but it's only 30 days and imagine how incredible that Oktoberfest is going to taste this 4th of July!! So.... just before dinner I asked the other half how he's doing with whole30 today and he replied, "My Stomach's Chewing on my Backbone" - so apparently... I need to vamp it up a bit and have a few more snacks on hand.

I cooked some hard-boiled eggs for a quick protein (don't ever let anyone tell you to pressure cook eggs- it only takes 6 minutes they said.. they'll be easy to peel they said. The truth is.. the shells DO practically fall off... but the eggs take on a nasty brown-green hue and you could bounce them from one end of a basketball court to another without breaking them afterwards. Some of them even exploded.
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So.. with that in mind, I decided to make some crispy baked sweet potato bites (aka sweet potato chips) and serve them with an organic kale/beet salsa. OMG, talk about absolutely delicious, I was floored!! They couldn't have been tastier, 100% additive free, sugar-free and completely whole30 compliant. ... his stomach isn't chewing on his backbone now baby!

Perusing the Weekly Grocery Store Ads:

So.. now I'm back to perusing the weekly grocery store deals and stockpiling any decent deals that come my way.. like these organic grass-fed ground beef that were on sale for 1/2 off. I bought 15 pounds... for less than what 70/30% burger normally costs. Sweet.

Bell peppers, tomatoes and zucchini will be ready shortly from my little home built organic hydroponic gardening system that I created last year. I expanded it this year by an additional 10 grow-pots and so far so good!

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If you're just joining in, We're at the End of Day 3 of our self proclaimed Whole30 Journey.

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