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The life and mind of Tarrien

Wedding Bells and After Thoughts

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I had gotten married a month or so ago. Kept both of our expenses at under $1000 including rings because neither of us wanted a big SHEBANG! of sorts. First off we were married at the courthouse, not very romantic, but the employees were extremely kind to us. Our rings we both picked out on Etsy, as we prefer to support smaller business or individuals- We kept a price of $250 max on each and agreed that we could upgrade in a few years if desired. Lastly we kept the dress attire semi casual. So I wore a beautiful peacock dress and he wore a suit coat both with converse sneakers that we colored in with fabric markers. Our after party was at a restaurant nearby in which everyone already knew that they were going to pay for themselves. Our photographer actually made our cake as a wedding gift (And it was amazing LOL). But it was a wonderful day and honestly I can't imagine wanting more than that.

The Husband and I have been trying our hand at gardening on my apartment balcony. And its going rather well considering its a small space. We ended up using the Styrofoam coolers from the wedding cake as our planters since we had them left over and weren't sure what else to do with them. Trying to grow edible plants, some we sowed from seeds, others we purchased at the farmers market. My mom also gave us a few plants, of which I never realized how hardy lavender is, she didn't even get the root and its been going strong since early May in a glass vase.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Congratulations! You did a great job on keeping the costs down and making sure that your wedding was perfect for you both. You were there and so was your that is romantic no matter the location.

    Great use of the coolers and you will have more food later! Keep us updated on how it continues to go.