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The life and mind of Tarrien

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So after a lot of work and saving, I finally bought myself a used car. I still cannot drive due to lack of license, but my significant other drives and pays insurance and gas to make it less financially draining on myself. After gas went back down to under 2.50 a gallon it's been cheaper to drive to and from work.

We used to ride the bus together, but sometimes the extra time saved from driving to and from is just worth it. We live 5 minutes away with a car versus an hour and a half bus ride. Its also just been much too cold to wait outside for 20 minutes or longer depending. Sometimes those buses accidentally pass you up in really cold weather due to their windows fogging and darkened bus stops don't really help.

Still making most things from scratch when it comes to meals. My Hubben and I tend to switch back and forth when it comes to cooking. He likes making noodles and sauces from scratch while I like making a bit more complex meals. Though we try really hard to stay more so in the organic or fresh ranges when it comes to snacks as well (hummus and such).

So the other weekend I did go to a casino to see what its like on the other side of the table. I left with $5.09 after spending quite a bit more. Made sure I tipped at least 15% of what I spent even though I didn't win(dealers are tipped positions, they absolutely depend on your tips, the casino pays them a fixed wage which is normally under minimum wage. They appreciate every dollar and tend to be a bit more friendly towards you when you do tip them*) . It wasn't bad, but after dealing for so long and never having to worry about my own finances- I realize I much prefer dealing to playing any of the games even with knowing the odds of each game I played. So experience came at a price, but nothing I wasn't already willing to lose.

Getting married in the next few months. So might have a post on frugality with that, but it might wait a while.

I am up to 3 ferrets total at this time. I find that buying the bulk bags of food cost less overall and last a month or two with feedings that are about every 36 hours. The one thing I seem to be unable to do is keep all the sawdust from scattering all over my living room from them hopping in and out of their cages when I give them some recess.

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