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Remember to Vote today & My own thoughts

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I don't know if I was able to hide my frustrations with the politics this year... I sort of view this election as having to choose the shiniest can at the dump.

That is, I don't think either candidate is a great choice for president. I'm not overly impressed with either of their plans for getting this country on track, nor with their foreign policy beliefs. Quite frankly, some of those beliefs & plans are rather SCARY.
I also read a great deal on their proposed health care plans and think a lot of folks are still going to be without insurance or care on either plan. As a mom of 2 very active kids, I find that very frustrating.
Right after our last move across country, my youngest was stricken with a severe case of poison ivy which spread in his eye, swelling it closed literally overnight. A trip to the ER for a prescription cost me nearly $800. The doctor literally stood in the doorway of the room and did not step Into the room, asked what was wrong with my son, I said, he has poison ivy, he glanced at my child, said, "yup, appears to be" and walked away. That was IT, he never entered the room and I still had to pay $800 for that visit. Infuriating. I'd love to see a health care plan that covers all income levels, without punishing those that have managed to get ahead, nor neglecting those that haven't.

I did rather enjoy following after each Speech and debate to view the facts on who was putting on the most "Spin" to make themselves look better. I can say with whole heart that I will be glad to see this election over. I'm so tired of the mud slinging, the he said/she said crap that seems to cloud every election process.

I'm willing to bet poor unlicensed Joe the Plumber will be glad for this election to finally be over too!

With all that rambling said, I do plan to vote today and hope you will all do the same, regardless of which rusty, dented can you choose.

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  1. faxonfive's Avatar
    Halleluiah!! You said it right Liss!!!
  2. janetaba's Avatar
    Isn't that the truth! Liss for President 2012! Hopefully, whoever wins, they won't be able to do too much damage to an already messed up economy.

    Best wishes and Blessings to all!
  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    Very well said Liss
  4. JoAnn's Avatar
    I don't think you missed a crease, Liss
  5. beansthemama's Avatar
    Healthcare costs are insane without employers help. My hubbys last job, we were paying $700+ a month for health coverage for our family of four. Now he is working for a wonderful company that only costs us $200 a month. What a difference, and why? I used to work for a major insurance company and it is shocking how the health insurance companies operate. I also was an insurance biller and that is crazy too.
    Just know that it has already been written! The good Lord knows who has won this race.
    Take care!
  6. momof5's Avatar
    I totally agree with this!!
  7. Liss's Avatar
    I used to work for a major insurance company and it is shocking how the health insurance companies operate.
    I worked for an Osteopath doing the billing and they had to bill in crazy ways to get paid... for example, an examination was $65. but the insurance company would only pay $20. So we would have to bill out 3 different service codes in order for the doc to receive $65. They made it a nightmare- and then we had to keep records of every little action so that we could properly bill it.
  8. mdowdy's Avatar
    Did my part. Now lets hope whoever gets in does his!!! Great viewpoints Liss you hit the nail on the head I believe.

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