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Graduation, Guests, and New Records...

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Well, this past month flew by, our Oldest ds graduated with Distinguished Honors & was also honored at the Elementary school where he's donated more than 1,000 hours of his time in the last 2 years to mentoring kids in 2nd-5th grades. The book the kids made him to send him off to college brought tears to my eyes as many of them begged him not to leave and not to forget them!

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ID:	10752 In the midst of graduating, he also got certified as a lifeguard so he could work days as a lifeguard and evenings/nights/weekends at the fast food joint he's been at for the last 2 years. With the obamacare (affordable care act) most of the the local businesses have drastically reduced the number of hours that employees can work b/c they cant afford the new tax (fee's/rate increase- whatever you want to call it, it's essentially an income tax as far as I'm concerned!) and they're cutting everyone's hours to stay below the required threshold. So, people are being forced to get 2,3,4 jobs to get the same number of hours. Sickening & frustrating.
Some family visited from out of state and stayed with us for the week to attend graduation and it was nice to see them & have the chance to spend time together, Hence the reason I never got around to writing out our menu! I am sorry for that, I was up at 4 am working until 8 or 9, then off with family/events/etc and then back at work by 9pm and working till midnight, but still didn't manage to squeeze that one in.

I'm already starting to feel the pinch of empty nest syndrome. . . it seems odd that in less than 2 months my son will be moving out & heading off to College.

Luckily he's going to an excellent University (I wish I could go!! lol) and we've already started researching colleges for our other son, who is dual-enrolled in College this year already. Seems strange- I started this site when they were still in diapers, where has the time gone?!

Oh, I can't believe I almost forgot to share! I was so incredibly excited this week when I discovered that we reached a New Milestone, we were in the top 1,000 sites online in the USA. Literally the thousandth most visited/ most popular site!!

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That means that more than 2.1 MILLION people read our site this month! That also means that hopefully the site was helpful at saving some families some of their hard earned money!

So thank you all for visiting & reading our sites and thank you for being valuable contributing members. Each and every post is bound to help someone else and that's what it's all about- working together to make a better world.

Over and out.

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