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Hello Everyone and Happy Voting

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Hope everyone had a great Halloween. I agree with the idea that Thanksgiving seems to slide by so fast before Christmas comes, so I hope everyone takes a moment to be thankful for everything they have. This clan is chugging along, and having a good week. Just had all the parent/teacher conferences for all the boys (3 boys, 3 schools). My two oldest are in special programs here is Virginia for advance placement (one in 6th and one in 4th). I just have to brag a little (mother's pride). My oldest is going to get mostly A's and the rest B's on his report card (teachers are impressed) and my middle one will get mostly B's and a few A's (hard to do first year in this school). My youngest will be getting the equal to straight A's on his report card as well. Trying to think of an inexpensive way to celebrate this accomplishment when report cards come. No clue yet.

Well, I hope everyone will vote today to help shape our and our kids future today. No matter who you vote for or who wins, please make sure your voice is heard today. My 11 yo is so excited about this, I will probably have him come into the booth with me and "help" me vote. And I have been discussing the importance of voting with my cub scouts during our meetings as well. No better way to get the next generation excited to help run our country. Just think, one of us might be raising the next president--what a thought.

Well, gotta go--0400 and raining here. WHAT A LOVELY DAY!!!!

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