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Setting And Reaching Savings Goals Using Coupons

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Do you have a project you want to do and just don't have the spare cash? Perhaps your daughters sweet 16, or an anniversary? An easy way to put aside a little extra money is with coupons. Almost everyone has used a coupon at some point to save some money. With a little planning you can save money without taking away from any of your current financial commitments. You hear tips about giving up things you enjoy to save money, well here is a way to save without giving up your morning Latte.
First set your goal, something you really want and wont give up on that easily. Lets say you want to redecorate your teenagers room for Christmas, after all only the posters have changed in the last 8 years and they are really not into the Pokemon curtains anymore. So decide what you want to accomplish and be realistic - take baby steps, you don't want to overwhelm yourself in the beginning and quit.

Lets say you want to save $250 - $80 for paint and supplies, $80 for a new comforter set, $60 for new lamps, and $30 for a nice desk from the resale shop. $250 / 40 weeks = $6.25 per week sounds easy enough. But lets be honest, using coupons will take time clipping, and planning your grocery list accordingly. There are alot of great coupon sites referred to by Budget101 where you can search for coupons and print at home, there is the old fashioned newspaper, and some stores have e-coupons. I signed up for SavingsStar, they deposit the e-coupon directly in your account, the first week I saved $9.50 just with them. I used my store card for discounts, in addition to paper coupons, and SavingsStar I averaged about 40% savings! I also had about 5 hours invested into planning my shopping day.

Lets get back to baby steps. Check out your local sales flyer then browse for coupons on the things you use, look for coupons that are $1 off for big savings. Several big coupons will be easier to manage than alot of small ones, but hey they all count. I have not organized my coupons in a file yet, usually I shove them in my purse and forget about them until they have expired. With a new found determination to save money I decided to limit myself to the 3 main stores I shop at. I recycled 3 junk mail envelopes by writing the name of the store and shopping list right on each envelope. It was so easy! The only thing I had to do was fish out the coupons I didn't use and hand the rest to the cashier. Sometimes I will have my trusty little coupon for something and then discover another brand is cheaper without the coupon so I will go with the cheaper one and still count the savings. Now simply put your savings in the piggy bank and forget about it!

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