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The life and mind of Tarrien


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Hi hi,

Its been quite a bit since I've been active up on here. Been a busy couple of months. Moved to my own place and just have been trying to keep up with keeping it clean and working. Found that it works so much better to just do everything from scratch rather than using product that saves you about 5 minutes. My work is up and down with pay, so knowing how to stretch my dollar really benefits me long term.

Work wise it seems like I finally have a stable enough job to live on my own (which by itself seems to be saving me expense)... I also just do side work here and there which I use specifically for online shopping. Its easier to say 'yes' to something that's considered "rainy day money" than digging into bill pay money or living expense accounts as well as setting better limits.

Things have been looking up and I can't really ask for much more. Living within my budget as well as finally having a little extra money for myself is something I haven't experienced in years. It kinda feels surreal as I've been struggling for years just due to excessive lack of funds from lack of decent paying jobs and just high living expenses from areas.

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