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Creepy Crawlie Spiders and their very nasty bites...

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Spring has certainly awakened the little beasts of nature and this morning my youngest son was bitten in the arm by a spider.. of some sort.. while he was sleeping. He felt it bite, but was unable to find it to identify it. Within 30 minutes it burned intensely and itched so we applied a charcoal poultice just in case it was a recluse bite. If you've never encountered a recluse, they're rather nasty tiny little critters that do extensive damage with their venom. Tissue necrosis generally occurs within a few days time, often resulting in amputations.

Activated charcoal draws out toxins adsorbing them and using it as a poultice should be changed every 30-60 minutes, depending on the severity of the bite. Ds didn't want to stay home from school because he didn't see the actual spider that bit him. So, needless to say, I'm on edge and waiting to see if this raised, blistering bite is in fact a recluse bite- time will certainly tell.

There are frequent reports of recluse bites in our area, several of our friends have been bitten. Last fall one member of the HS football team was bitten in the thigh and had a large portion of muscle removed due to the bite, so the minute I see a spider bite, my mind immediately goes to worse case scenario (Yes, I'm a panic-er). LOL

So... that's been my morning since 5, what's going on your world?

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  1. willowwend's Avatar
    This past Friday seems to have been very eventful for a lot of people.

    1. We woke up to a last minute snow storm that produced about 3" of snow with a trace of ice overnight. Of course, we were told to expect "no accumulation to a dusting." The local kids enjoyed the 3-hr school delay.

    2. I tried calling some family members who live about 5 hours east of us to let them know that the storm was worse than predicted, but I had no luck getting through. When I finally did reach them, Saturday night, they said they had been without electricity for over 30 hours due to the 1-1/2" of ice they had received. They said it had gotten so cold in their house that they were sitting outside in the sun to get warm.

    3. My DH went through a license check only to find out that his license had expired on his birthday - three weeks ago. He said the officer was really nice and could tell he was truly confused by the expiration date.

    This is just a few of the crazy things we encountered on our end.

    I hope all is well with your son's bite, and it wasn't a recluse.
  2. Liss's Avatar
    Ugh Willow, the weather has been weird here too, The bite wasn't too serious, it bubbled and seemed to fizzle out, which is great! Nice to hear that the officer was decent about the expiration date, sometimes they aren't as nice. It's not as though people look at their own license very often any more. The only time I look at mine is when I check new insurance rates to see if I can switch & save a bit of cash.

    Brrr on the relatives sitting outside in the snow!
  3. MsDebbie's Avatar
    Many years ago I was bitten on the back of my leg in the shower. It stung like a paper cut so I assumed I nicked myself shaving. I slapped a bandage on it but over the next couple days the stinging grew worse and I was getting signs of blood poisoning, by the 4th day the sore was about the size of my pinkey nail. Antibiotics took care of it but it took 6 months for the wound to heal.
    I usually let a few daddy long leg spiders hang out behind the window valances because they help keep other spiders out.