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Media Overload & Zombie Munchies

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Do you watch the News?

I go in spurts, listening in the morning to the same ol' same ol' - North Korea is going to bomb us/ Nuclear war is impending, shootings here, stabbings there, tornadoes widespread here, hurricane there, allergy season WORST in history, Flu outbreak Most severe in Decades, blah blah freaking blah. Every year it's the same thing, over and over. This is the worst, most severe, terrabilist (I know that's NOT a real word) ever . . .

Then it occurs to me that I've become completely desensitized to their daily rhetoric. 9x's out of 10 the media blows things so far out of proportion that I barely believe Anything I see or hear on the news any longer. My kids, unfortunately, have not been completely desensitized to the daily dose of BS that blares on the tv & radio and our youngest is full of questions about Korea & the very real possibility of Nuclear War and Fallout. I find him searching websites, reading articles from various other countries newspapers/websites, etc in order to get a complete picture of what is really happening.

Do you watch the news? How much of it do you "believe" and does it change how you shop, live your daily lives, etc?

I have to admit, I did get extra seeds this year and avoided varieties of hyrbid seeds that may or not create "dead" seeds. I want to be able to harvest the seeds from this years fruits/veggies to plant next season- because quite frankly, I don't want to rely on whether or not I can buy them downtown.

Which brings me to another question... do Hybrid/ genetically engineered foods bother you? I have to say that I don't particularly care for them. For most of the foods that I choose to eat, I do so for a reason. I like fresh corn (& the cornsilk) which is great for a number of conditions, but if it's been genetically modified- how do we know that those beneficial elements are still in it? At what point does their "genetically engineered" stop being Real food and become little more than zombie munchies... after all, do you really know which nutrients they've bred OUT of the food you're eating?! Are you willing to take their word for it??

Do you wish that the Government would Label these so-called Zombie foods and if they did, would it change how & what you purchase?

Food For thought, over and out.

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  1. bethaliz6894's Avatar
    yep I watch the news and try to pay attention to what the government is doing to us...that is why I became a prepper.
  2. Extrathrifty's Avatar
    I, too, listen in spurts. Twenty-four hour news coverage has killed any integrity left in the industry (in my opinion). Now, the only time most people pay attention is when a tragedy occurs. Then, we have news reporters regurgitating information (which usually is proven incorrect within ten minutes, but is spread to all the major news networks because no one bothers to fact check as news is "breaking), standing in unsafe weather, pestering first responders or eye-witnesses for interviews, or even compromising the integrity of a criminal investigation. "Local news" uses gimmicks such as investigative reporting to increase viewership.--- All it has done is make me distrust news media more than I already do.
  3. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Extrathrifty
    gimmicks such as investigative reporting to increase viewership.--- All it has done is make me distrust news media more than I already do.
    :note to self: add a "like button to blog comments!

    I found myself nodding and saying yup yup as I read your comment.
  4. wilbe95's Avatar
    Many forget that the news channels are still trying to gain audiences and will sensationalize anything that they think might get a reaction out of someone. It is interesting to me to watch something as it is breaking and then love to watch how some of the original footage just seems to disappear if they don't want you to really know what is going on. I am big on not trusting the media, or most anyone for that matter. Things get distorted with each version of re-telling. Sometimes though it is a pain to have to undo the damage that one lousy reporter decides to highlight without really knowing what they are talking about. So tell me do we get a mammogram or not? The shove it down your throat got to get the flu shot is so irritating to me. I have never had a shot and have only had the flu once in my entire 40+ years. People who get the shot like clockwork, end up with every cold all season. I could go on and on but all that will do is cause my blood pressure to rise and then good golly I will have to listen to the stupid news reports on how stress is bad for your blood pressure, lol.
  5. jrodgers's Avatar
    I noticed that beginning with the embedded news reporters in Desert Shield and Storm the news media seems to be caught up in more discussion and prognostication that is not really news reporting but "news opinion." These discussion are interspersed with gruesome photos that are so graphic, that many of our children are suffering from PTSD and anxiety attacks. Then the video games add to the load, but slowly numb them to violance making it more acceptable and expected. Not all children adapt to the increased violence.

    My students with learning plans for PTSD and anxiety ran about 10% last year, which to me seemed to be an unprecedented increase. After speaking with my colleagues who teach at schools that are composed of children of military who are or have been deployed, they tell me that at their schools they strive to lessen this stress by filtering all graphic news stories, especially any that involve the military. Do you suppose that the general public is also showing signs of anxiety due to news coverage?

    We also have students who have difficulty in thinking critically, because they can not separate opinion from fact. They are very vocal in their opinions (often reciting what they have heard on their preferred brand of news media). I have noticed the same rhetoric on Facebook and of all places in our legislatures, where polarizing opinions defeat the compromises and working out of details that result in good government.

    In sports coverage, much the same thing is happening. I turn on a basketball game hoping to catch a few minutes of play, only to discover that the commentators have greater air time than the game. Their opinion overshadow the whole reason they are there.

    When did we turn into a nation of conversationalists instead of producers?
  6. CulArtStudent's Avatar
    generally for stuff I buy in the store, it's Organic (or as much as possible) -- if it were not for all my coupons, Whole Foods would be unreachable on a student's salary (read ZERO salary)... but like with last trip, WF before coupons: $114.xx after coupons $21.22... I can do $20.
    If I am growing it, it must be HEIRLOOM -- that includes flowers and herbs... don't need no funky cold medina crap in my garden.
    I try not to watch news very often -- it gives me panic attacks.... most of my "news" comes from facebook -- many of my friends are walking reporters. LOL