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It sometimes amazes me just how fast time flies by, I just can't get over how every single day seems like a fleeting moment of time. Dh threw out his back again and we've not had much sleep in the house in the last few weeks. It seems that nighttime hours are the worst for him and he just can't get comfortable no matter what he does. As for me, my days start by 5 am and often don't end before 11 pm- so by the time my head hits the pillow, I'm dead to the world. EXCEPT that I lie awake listening to hear him breathing while he's sleeping or to hear if he gets up and whether or not he needs assistance getting up and down the stairs, etc. So for the past week, the only thing I can count on is luggage under my eyes, hence the new tip on the site about how to reduce puffiness and dark circles!
We're all working on eating healthier and getting as many things accomplished around the house as possible, getting the garden ready for spring, cleaning out the garage, cleaning out cabinets & cupboards, organizing the pantry, etc etc. Wrestling season is nearly over, the States Competition was the other day and unfortunately a kid broke his neck during the tournament. He underwent surgery and has to undergo another tomorrow. It really makes me appreciate that my kids are healthy and safe. He and his family are definitely weighing heavy on our minds this weekend.

I'm behind in adding menu plans, responding to PM's and answering my emails, but then again, what else is new! The school called me the other day, youngest ds split and old wound on his knee and they were concerned because he hadn't stopped bleeding after 30 minutes. He kept telling the school nurse that it needed to be elevated, but she told him that wasn't a good idea, just sit still. They called me and for a few moments, made it sound as though the kid was going to bleed to death. I grabbed a couple of fresh eggs off the counter and brought them with me. Once I got him out of their overly concerned clutches I cracked the eggs (dumped the insides on the ground) peeled off the inner membrane, applied it over the bleeding knee and it stopped bleeding almost instantly. *Waves magic wand* Instant Painless stitches.

Once we got him home, we waited an hour or so, peeled the membrane off, washed it with peroxide, applied an herbal salve and a couple bandaids and he's all patched up. Funny how people freak out over little things.

All in all, it's been a pretty nice weekend though, we had a chance to spend some time with friends, I got in my workouts, and even managed to get a few new recipes and articles published. I swear I'll get to answering the stack of questions in my inbox, I'm really NOT ignoring anyone! Also, for those who have been watching the Free Stuff thread waiting to see the latest recipients, I got behind on those. I'll be sending them out shortly. How's everyone elses weekend going??

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