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Getting Ready for the Holidays

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It's amazing how fast time flies when you live in an area you love. When we were in the midwest, a day was like a year, a year an eternity that dragged by like turtles stampeding through cold peanut butter. But since we've moved here, it's as though there are only 12 hours in a day rather than 24 and they fly by like fighter jets on a mission.

It's hard to believe that it's Mid-November already! We uprooted several plants from the garden that were still abundantly producing (mainly jalapenos peppers & green peppers) and replanted them indoors. I couldn't see letting these gorgeous plants die off without letting them live to their full potential.

I started tomatoes indoors the other day as well, I'm hoping that by Christmas day we'll have fresh tomatoes (or pretty darn close!) I love the photos of peoples front yards that have been converted to completely edible landscaping! We all know the quality of fresh veggies in the wintertime is generally lousy (at least- it is in every state we've ever lived in!).

After 5 years of not cutting my hair, I decided that it was time to reduce the length and "get'er done". Needless to say, I'm fully regretting the decision! It's very difficult to get used to super short hair after having waist length hair!

We're planning for the holidays and I've made a few side dishes already & froze them to avoid feeling hurried and hassled this thanksgiving. We're planning a Thanksgiving Bash of about 20 people. Our Thanksgiving party has a spending limit of $20 this year & that includes 2 Turkeys for premeditated leftovers.

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  1. splashangel's Avatar
    That's not so bad now! I'm glad you posted the pic. When I read the blog I pictured little spikes all over. You know how some woman are cutting it right now? I couldn't pull it off, although I see it on some very pretty woman. I know what you mean though. I remember well cutting off my hair. Have you brushed the air yet? You look great. It's just a change and you have to get used to it.
    20 bucks?! Are ya kiddin me!? 20 people? That's pretty awsome and I am impressed. I hope you will post pics.
    Again, stop fretting, you look great.
  2. sandy63's Avatar
    I know the regrets about hair cuts. I kept my hair short for years, because the growing out process was awful. You have to refigure what to do with it at every stage. I finally got a perm and used small rollers till the perm grew out and it was a at a length I felt I could live with while it continues to grow. I need to be conserving money and paying someone to cut my hair every month was getting costly. They never cut it the same each time even if you give them a picture to go by. It is past my shoulders now so it no longer annoys me and is actually easier to take care of as long as I can find my hair clips.