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Missing out on the Autumn Fun!

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I've got the Autumn Blues this weekend, something fierce! I absolutely love this time of year, the crispness in the morning air, the light scents of the fall leaves, watching the trees change to brilliant colors and decorating the entire house for Halloween! Normally we spend Labor Day weekend, as a family, decorating the entire house in various plants- fall mums, sunflowers, gourds and pumpkins as well as tote after tote after tote of various halloween and autumn decor. Many of which we've made ourselves over the years... but this year we're remodeling.

On friday we ripped out an entire wall in our house, in the kitchen, which has left an excrutiatingly frustrating nasty, dusty mess! The dust, although washed from every surface manages to return each morning despite multiple scrubbing/vacuuming and washings. The A/C unit doesn't help with this issue, spreading it far and wide throughout the house on every surface imaginable. Did I mention I can't STAND a dirty house?

So, knowing that we would be dealing with such a mess, we didn't bother to decorate this year. The house seems... Blah, at best.

My desire to create new homemade decor is hindered greatly and I'm not finding the usual joy in baking delicious treats- like the apple cider donuts I shared the other day.

While I know that the additional space in the house will be nice and I'm really looking forward to it, right now it feels like the mess is unending.

As if that weren't enough the kids had a football game on Friday night, right in front of the highschool there was a bad car accident - turns out it was kids that we know all too well- they're on the wrestling team with our son.

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Name:	284284_10152158026040113_1422277701_n.jpg 
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ID:	5177 The car flipped 3 times before smashing into a tree. One of the teens was life-flighted from the scene to a hospital. Luckily, both boys are doing well and will be okay, but this became one of those "teachable" moments when we discovered that the fellow driving was answering a text message on his phone, went off the pavement, over-corrected and . . . well, you see the end result.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Sorry to hear the cause behind the accident, so glad to hear that they survived and doing well. One town in my area has an actual law now prohibites the use of a cellphone for texting or emailing. You can use it to call but not text. This was in reaction to a couple of deaths of innocent people either pedestrians because someone in the vehicle that caused the accident texting. Other towns are watching and considering a similar ban.

    I just started decorating for fall. Not like we normally do just a few things on the windows and sitting out around the rooms. I just can't seem to get motivated for it either.