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Spring in Full Swing, Schools out for Summer!

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Wow, hard to believe that the school year came to a close and summer vacation began a week ago already. It's been crazy busy here in Liss World, trying to find time to add new recipes and articles while working on the house/yard/garden and various jobsites with dh.
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I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning (about 4am) by screaming in the side yard. Turns out that a Gray fox had managed to grab our mama guinea. It made off with her and all 18 of her babies scattered in various directions. So, being the whacko that I am, having run outside in the middle of the night without stopping to throw on some clothing first, searched the yard and edge of the woods for 40 minutes with a flashlight and managed to only find 1 baby.

After spending over an hour in the dark searching, I gave up & went back to bed. By quart of 6 in the morn, I was back at it, searching through the woods all over for any remaining babies. By 4 in the afternoon I'd found 11 live ones and 5 dead ones. By the next morning, 6 more had died. So now we're left with only 5 adorable guinea babies and a fox that has been seen lurking around at 1 in the afternoon!

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  1. happy0349's Avatar
    Oh my Liss!!.

    I wish you had a barn to secure them.
    What a loss Mama Guinea and her adorable babies.

    Thank you for sharing..
  2. Liss's Avatar
    We do actually have a nice barn and a rather large fenced in pasture area where they would be quite safe, if they chose to remain there, that is. Unfortunately guineas aren't very intelligent animals and choose to venture off on their own. They don't get along well with the chickens and despite having full access to their coop (which is 18'x24') which is closed at night, they take off into the trees or under the raspberry bushes instead.
    Sadly, mama guinea chose to move her brood away from the safety of the barn or coop and hide them amongst the flowers & shrubs instead.
  3. happy0349's Avatar
    Liss I know what you are saying..They are fast runner's when you try to catch them. My uncle use to raise Guineas and I would always go to the his farm in the summer to work. My job was to feed them. so of course, they would come to eat but you could never trick them to catch'em. Even when they wanted to eat. Thank you for sharing..Those picture brought me back to when I was 10 yrs old.

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