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Unexpected Twists & Turns in the Road . . .

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Sometimes it seems that no matter how many plans you make, or goals you set, or how hard you work, SOMETHING is going to intervene and screw things up, setting you back!

Last week we worked diligently on the yard, installing a massive sprinkler system to cover 10 zones and 2 acres of land- it was going find, sort-of- aside from the fact that we had incredible thunder/lightening storms, a tropical storm/borderline hurricane arrive a week and half early for the hurricane season, hail on one day (reaching 2" in diameter!!) and a close friend of ours Dad (94 years young) fell & broke his hip. Since they had so much going on already, including house-hunting, running back & forth to the hospital after work, etc- we decided to bring them meals every day for all of their households. So Tuesday I made 4 Massive Family size pans of Lasagna/ family sized salads, 4 huge Italian garlic breads, wednesday it was Baked Beans/ Potato Salad, Thursday Shepherds Pie & Salad, Friday was California Halibut Bake & Potato Salad, etc etc.
I had forgotten how time consuming it is to cook for a crowd! So in between working on the site here, working in the yard on the sprinkler system and cooking, and getting a Luau Party together for DS, Last week was an incredibly LONG week for me.

We still have 2 zones of sprinkler system to set up, but discovered that the "Bucket Pressure Test" is a load of funk- more to follow in our "DIY: How to Install a sprinkler System tutorial" - which will be available by next week, (I Hope!).

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