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Sprinkling a little happiness around. . .

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After waiting months and months we're finally installing our Sprinkler system this weekend. Dh is waiting for me (right now!) to go pick up the Trencher we rented so we dig the ditches. Before I write a "DIY" tutorial- I want to make sure everything is in and working correctly!

I did call a few different companies to come out here and give us and estimate for the price of installing a sprinkler system on 2 acres. Only 1 company EVER showed up at all, 2 other guys told us that they'd come next week (that was 6 months ago!), 1 guy told us his wife won't let him install sprinklers on the weekend anymore, and another guy told us that he would have to wait until his daughter in law gave birth, she was due within a few days- before he could come out - and that too was LAST SEPTEMBER.

Amazingly- the ones I talked to on the phone complained about how bad the economy was, but then had massive excuse after excuse for why they couldn't show up. One guy quoted me $900 per Zone and stated it "sounded" like we needed 8-12 zones (talk about a wide range!).

So- the one estimate we did actually receive was a whopping $9,340. So- without further ado, we promptly measured our own yard, paid $100 to have it drawn/designed based on what we needed (we have palm trees, fruit trees, flower beds, etc) and then ordered the materials to have them delivered for less than 1/3 of the price we were quoted.

We're installing 9 zones- and I can't wait! I've never been more excited to dig up my yard!
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With any luck, by Monday afternoon, we'll be sprinkling a little happiness on all of our flowers!


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