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The last couple of weeks have been strange ones here, the pollen arrived so much earlier this year and brought with it allergy season. I suppose it's not as bad as it could be, given the fact that we've been taking Cayenne pepper and it works wonders.

I was (not so blessed) this past week with a short, yet itchy bought of poison ivy, caught by simply petting one of my critters who happened to walk through it at some point. Luckily I was armed and ready and managed to get rid of it very quickly and with little effort.

Chewy is doing remarkably well and is growing like a weed. He now has a new "friend" to keep him company nearby, "Zorro".

Zorro is a Cedar Waxwing bird that nearly met an untimely fate by flying into the side of a car and ripping part of his wing half off. DS and I discovered him, quite by accident while we were out for our evening 3 mile power walk- we found 10-12 dead cedar waxwing birds in one small area. Waxwings are berry eaters and have a tendency to consume berries that have fermented. It is not uncommon for these birds to become intoxicated on the fermented berries and have flying accidents whereby they run into walls or vehicles.

Such was the case for our new friend Zorro. Unfortunately, he was in very bad shape when we found him and I was forced to remove a small part of his wing that was mangled and in no way reparable. Without being too graphic, let's just say that natures clean up crew was already in full force!

I fed him diluted red cell (which is actually a product I keep on hand for emergency situations with horses/goats) and once he perked up a bit I hand fed him finely chopped apple, cherries and a few wild berries I managed to find after spending 2 hours in the woods.

His wounds are healing nicely, but I don't see how he'll ever fly again. Perhaps I missed my calling, perhaps I should have gone into wildlife rehabilitation, lol. When I was a kid I found a fox that had been hit by a car, luckily my parents weren't home, so I brought him in the house, bathed him, cleaned his wounds, peeled off at least 50 ticks and hand fed him chopped hard boiled eggs. I had him for nearly a week in my room before my parents discovered him.

Our dog kept barking under the door and I spritzed perfume under the door to mask the scent of the fox, so the dog would go away and leave him alone. I think my poor mother nearly had a heart attack when she opened my bedroom door and saw it lying on my bed.

At least these days when I bring a critter home I don't have to sit through a lecture on rabies. hahaha

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  1. dct9000's Avatar
    What a wonderful thing, to be able to help and then to do it. Zorro looks happy, such a darling face.
  2. splashangel's Avatar
    Funny fox story. I know he'd of bit me! What will you do with Zorro?
  3. Mrsbear's Avatar
    Liss, you are a wonder. You put a smile on my face and a good feeling on my insides.