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Busy Autumn Days

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What an incredibly busy fall this has turned out to be. I've had fewer than 2 hours a day to add items to the site, articles, recipes, crafts, etc, mainly because I've been working every single day with dh in residential construction. Luckily things have been fairly steady, which, (unfortunately for me!) means that I have to be on site to help - be it stripping roofs, helping stand up walls, hanging drywall, etc.

The last few years the State has gotten ridiculous with their changes to licensing, workmans comp rates, etc- They're really doing everything they can to drive out small business and make room for Mega corporations. Unfortunately, in their greed, they're actually removing job positions. But, I digress!

In any case, In my spare time, I've been rewriting our free ebook to a 2012 Version! Tentatively, we plan on releasing it via Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble as well as several other venues on Thanksgiving Day. Also, has been featured in a new Book that is being released shortly- details to follow!!

Have any of you started your Holiday Shopping Yet? Are you waiting for Black friday deals? What are your gifting plans for this year?

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