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Whew, need to take a breather!

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Well, we finally finished another roof around 8 pm last night before having to head off to a friends house to take care of their pets and garden (we're critter sitting!).

The blackberries are in and I've been picking them whenever I get a moment and am hoping to make some blackberry jelly (rather than jam this time around). I have several new recipes that I want to try, but haven't managed to find the time yet.

Lately the last few months I've been working farmers hours, my day starts around 4 am and seems to run till about 11pm. I just wish there were more hours in the day. At least we have more daylight .

I spent the morning running errands, dropping off contracts and now that I've got a minute - the horses REALLY need baths. Which makes me think I'm just plain crazy because they're like dogs- the minute your all done getting them nice and shiny pretty, they ROLL in the first dusty sawdust pile they can.

I think I've got dh convinced that we need a day off though- I'm dragging him crabbing tomorrow. To him it's relaxing, fishing, tossing back a beer or two.. to me it's an opportunity to photograph anything that walks, talks, grows, crawls or flies. Now THAT is relaxing.

I have a ton of new articles and tips that will be hitting the site throughout the next 4 weeks, hopefully they'll save folks some time and money, because lets face it, we all have limited time and most of us have even less money, lol.

I miss chatting with everyone here in the blogs, maybe things will slow down a bit by July. Hope you're all having a fantastic summer so far!

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