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Deadliest Catch- too close to home!

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ID:	3296When we moved from New England I had no idea how much I would truly miss the flavor of fresh Haddock! It's a very light, flaky white fish, it cooks quickly and doesn't have a heavy oily taste like Salmon. So- with that in mind, I was thrilled to discover a fish in the South that has a similar flavor and texture; Catfish. Granted- like most foods, it must be prepared properly PRIOR to cooking in order for it to have the best flavor! (Namely, cats must be filleted rather than skinned and should NEVER EVER be cooked with the skin on, which completely destroys the quality and flavor of the fish.

So, when dh asked me if I'd like to spend the day fishing with him, I was hooked on the idea! We jumped into our (very modest!) fishing boat and headed out on the lake. We were having a great time, about 2 hours from the boat landing (with just a little electric trolling motor) when I had a big one on the line! When I went to put him into the live well with all the others, he rolled, flipped and then jumped out of the well and back into the bottom of the boat.

Catfish, if you aren't familiar, have "horns" on their pectoral and dorsal fins. These horns are long, hard, serrated pieces of cartilage that slice readily into anything they can. Unfortunately, when this nice catfish Flipped out of the well, he came down directly on the top of my foot and went clear through to the other side with one of his horns.

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Talk about an Instant burning sensation and a geyser of blood! Yuck, Catfish have a jellylike substance on their bodies and we had to literally squeeze my foot to make sure it wasn't embedded. This is about the time that I discovered I had forgotten something rather important in the boat, a first aid kit.

I grabbed the cleanest hand towel I could find, dumped some bottled water on my foot, a handful of ice from the cooler and tied it all together with dh's hanky. Voila, we were back in business. Dh asked what did I want to do, code for, "are we done fishing because you got gored?", and I said, "you're asking wrong. You're supposed to ask, 'Are you hurt or are you injured'?" Hahaha folks, I watch too much deadliest catch!

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Turns out I was just 'hurt' and I wasn't willing to quit fishing because of a Hole down through the top of my foot. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	3297We caught 17 Cats in all & have 30+ pounds of fresh fillets in the freezer now- but I'm walking a little funny.

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  1. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    Ouch! It will definately be a fishing trip to remember....LOL Mmmm.... You should try that topping from the armadillo potatoes on top of broiled fish. It's great! Glad you guys made such a haul.
  2. Liss's Avatar
    I'll def try that! Right now we're vacuum sealing and freezing the fish for a big get together later in the summer with a bunch of friends. It sure was nice to get out and have some time alone with the hubby!
  3. favorite007's Avatar
    also check out flounder which is basically a smaller size haddock.