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Spring Fever in full Swing!

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Spring is finally rearing it's pretty little head and pollen levels are through the roof. I'm scrambling to get my my plants started and ready to transplant into the garden within the next few weeks. We're spending the day making homemade seedling starter pots and getting our garden started.

It's finally raining, the rain tables in our area are more than 12 inches below normal- which concerns me greatly as I don't want to PAY for water to maintain my garden this year if our well dries up. With the gas prices increasing on a daily basis, we're spending this growing season focusing on the garden and canning/freezing our own healthy bounty. Last year, I discovered that inexpensive timers from our local lawn & garden center and I LOVED them- I'm all for making the garden Maintenance free.

What's on your agenda for the weekend?

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