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Healing takes forever

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Well, We're in week 6 of the New Year, ds's arm is healing fairly well and we went in to have the Pins removed yesterday. Here's a shot of his arm with the splint removed, pins still in.

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We were all a bit surprised when the doc pulled out a pair of Pliers (LITERALLY!), to remove the pins.

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ID:	3070 If you missed the original post & youtube video, he broke both bones in his arm doing a bike stunt.

Now that the pins are out, they were able to put a cast on his arm and I don't have to worry about him bumping it and shifting the bones or pins. Right now we're worried that he has nerve damage in two of his fingers because he's lost mobility and has numbness, but only time will tell. It feels like it takes forever when you're waiting for something to heal!

Thank you to everyone that has sent well wishes & get well cards, we really appreciate them.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Okay so who said get a picture of this?? You or him?? LOL. Sure hope that with it being in the cast and the pins out that the nerves will be able to heal.
  2. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    haha, you know me hon, I'm camera happy. I thought that if I took photos of his ordeal and put them in a little book than he might be less likely to do it again. You know, a not so gentle reminder . . .

    Looks like he can have the cast off the end of this month.
  3. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    did the doc sneak the pliers out of his pocket or were you warned how they would take thm out. Our doc didn't say a thing to us when he did the pins in my sons arm. i think my son scramed worse when they pulled them out then when he snapped his arm in half..... I pray time will heal him fully. Hugs to you and yours.
  4. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    He came walking in the door with them in his hand and we thought he was kidding, at first. He saw our reaction - (Wide eyes of disbelief)- & my husband said "You want me to grab mine from the truck, they're a little bigger" - and the doc said, "Ya - I know- real High-tech stuff here". Ethan said, "I know ya'll are into budgeting and everything- but is this the best doctor you could find? Pliers? Really?"

    Luckily the doc had a great sense of humor. Ethan winced when he yanked the first one out, but it didn't really hurt, just a weird sensation.