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Tea, Feasels, and a full moon

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Okay, so I believe the last time I actually blogged I was living with a boyfriend. I have dumped him and moved on. Amazingly enough, I can't handle being around someone who can't budget, and refuses to learn how.

I moved in with my best friend. Who recently got fired, then decided to leave out for Los Angeles. I've been using her room while she's away to make sure that if everything backfires for her (I'm really hoping it won't) she has a place to come back to. That and I'll be moving there after she works out all her details. (Hopefully it'll be the last time I move for a long time )...

I"m all excited since I'm trying out a new tea I bought a week or two ago. X3 Not bad.

Been working a whole bunch. Taking shifts that people need me to go in so I've been making a good enough amount that I'm not rich (pretty much less than $500 a month), but due to knowing how to manage my money I'm living comfortably. Probably going grocery shopping tomorrow since I'm not working enough shifts to get the amount of free food to hold me over that I've had for a few weeks...

I'm thinking of changing jobs though, just to get something closer to home and so I don't need to bother with the bus as much.

Ferret has been doing well under all the changes. Still likes me best. That's all you can really ask for.

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    It's nice to see things are looking up for you, I hope they continue on that path! I'm also glad to hear that you dumped the boyfriend that was bad for you, if he's not willing to grow up and learn how to live within a budget, he'll always drag you down. (Oh.. we'd love to see some updated pics of your sweet little ferret.) Hugs