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Feels like Fall, sortah!

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Size:  15.7 KBHave I mentioned lately just how much I love the fall? Although we were a bit late this year, we FINALLY got the house decorated. Even my youngest son decided to create a scene in his room on his bookcase.Name:  eefsroom.gif
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Size:  21.5 KB He found some fun bloody handprints at the dollar store to adorn his walls with, along with some skeletal heads. I'm sure most children wouldn't want bloody handprints or head hanging around their rooms, but he is my child, after all.

It's still been a bit too hot (reaching mid 90's) during the day, but at night the air drops to a crisp Mid 50's, which is perfect weather.

In addition to decorating, I also had a chance to make some copycat Nature Valley Granola bars (my own copycat recipe that I created out of necessity!) Those little boxes were getting WAY to expensive, even with coupons.

The one downfall to living in the South is the lack of decent apples. This time of year I thoroughly enjoy picking Macs & Cortlands and making applesauce, pie filling, crisps,cobblers, muffins, etc. We did plant a couple Mac trees last fall, but only got 9 apples off them this year. At least they were delicious! I prefer Macs or Cortlands because they are Crisp apples and the texture is smooth rather than grainy. Oh how I miss those New England Apples!

The kids recently enjoyed "Date Night", where they had a chance to invite their "girlfriends" over, watch (redbox) movies, swim in the pool and chow on some munchies, namely chocolate covered strawberries & pizza dip (an all time fave in this house!). It gave me a chance to write several more articles for the site as well as test out some new "tips" before sharing them. I wish I had a dollar for every retarded tip I came across that I tried & then tossed out the window because it didn't work or backfired! Well, at the very least, it provides my family with hours of amusement, if nothing else.

My oldest son, (High School Student) thought he'd like to try his hand at making homemade smoke bombs with a recipe he gleaned from the internet. Clueless Me, I left to go feed the horses (pasture is a couple miles from my home) and when I returned home nearly an hour later, the house smelled peculiar. I couldn't quite place it.. but, the Kitchen was SPOTLESS. So I KNEW something was Not Right in our home. If you leave and come home to 2 children getting along wonderfully and the house is Cleaner than when you left, you know that they did something HORRIBLE, that's just the way it is.
So . . . I casually looked through the pantry, nothing out of place, glanced at dear son who was squirming on the couch. Looked under the cupboards, still nothing out of place, glanced at ds who at this point was tapping his foot, chewing his fingernails. I opened the trash and peered inside, expecting to find an empty box of Strawberry Jello, because friends, that is precisely what the house smelled like... Burnt Strawberry Jello. No box... as a matter of fact, the rubbish had recently been taken out, which was odd considering I knew it was less than half full when I left. So, I did what any smart mom would do, I walked to the living room, stood in front of the kids and said,

"I know exactly what you got into & What you did. If you a smart, you will come clean 100 % right now with WHY you did it and what you THOUGHT you were going to accomplish, Or Heads are gonna roll" . . .

Imagine my shock when my oldest dear son blurted out, "I found the recipe on the internet, I was just trying to make a Smoke Bomb so I could show my friends, I did know it would Blow Up, I mean, when I added the sugar it just expanded and expanded and expanded and we tried to get it outside, but it kept growing in the pan. But, but, But, we Cleaned ALL the mess and the kitchen is nicer than when you left and I only used a few ingredients."

Well then, it took 3 days for the SMELL of his failed Smoke Bomb to go away, it thoroughly permeated the entire house. When I vented to dh about it, his response was, "What did you expect? He takes after you, what the hell do you think YOU do Every Single day? Try all these weird things and stick them on your site!!"

Oy Vey! Needless to say, it's been an interesting week.

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Well it's almost Fall here too! We finally moved out of the 90's after 2 weeks of rain and are enjoying 70's to 80's but getting on the nippy side at night so thinking there is hope of an autumn after all. Gotta love kids! No complaining Mom, they at least cleaned up real good! Made wheat thins and snaking on those tonight. Kids are all down in the home theater watching a scary movie with a friend tonight. See a blanket so assuming she's staying over night too! I'm always the last to know. My baby's are trying to decide which college to go to next Fall. Going to be a mighty quiet house here! Don't even want to think about that right now! Have fun and enjoy them while you have them, they'll be gone before you know it!