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The life and mind of Tarrien

Busy busy BEE?

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So recently I found myself working a moderate amount at my new job. Its low stress for me but at the same time its that right balance of work so I'm not bored and can make my own work for myself when we have downtime. I'm also enjoying all the free meals I get from my one meal per shift benefit. ^^

It was busier than I've ever seen today but since we have enough staff it wasn't too bad... I actually caught a mistake from a girl who's been working there longer before she made it. Kinda made me feel good- smart...
I also made 12 extra bucks since even though I'm not supposed to get tips yet my coworkers saw me working like a dog so they snuck me a little bit of the tip money. Gave it to my boyfriend since I really don't need money at the moment. (not to mention he's been kind enough to drive me wherever I need when I ask)

I'm excited I'm going to the library tomorrow so I can have some new reading material! Everything my roommates read is littered with fantasy or politics... neither of which really speak to me. eh... Any good suggestions for a good read? Length is unimportant- good content is key. ;D

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