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Pictures Are Forever

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As I was looking through some of my files I found this picture of my daughter Mandy when she was little. Actually, I have already blogged about the bouquet and how it was the best gift I she could have ever given me... Taking time out of her busy day to pick some 'beautiful flowers' for me!
This got me to thinking about cheap gifts. I am, as I know many of you are, know gifts with though put into them are the ones that mean the most.
One of the easiest things I have found to do is give a photo. (This applied even before the digital age and photo enhancement... And, still does...)
You can do all kinds of things for under $5.00 with your home printer or your local drug store chain. Cute frames at the local dollar stores. The possibilities are endless.
Oh, and there are all kinds of on line photo editing sites and they are, of course, FREE!

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