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Regular Burger All Dressed Up

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I had some avocados that were in real need of being used ( I got them on sale for .50 ea.) and some foot ball shaped buns that were from the day old rack and came up with how to use them together.

The Burger
Use one pattie for the bottom. A little bit of cheddar cheese and a few pickled jalapenos in the middle. Use another for the top. Compress the edges. Use a piece of bacon to go around the edge to insure the 'innards' stay in. Compress burger again.
FYI I build my burgers on a cutting board so not to break them. These seem to cook up better if you put them in the frig prior to cooking. We've had them both grilled and in grill pan.

The Topping
I hollowed out two avocados and did a rough smash.
Added 3 good tablespoons of picante sauce. (Little juice.)
Garlic Powder, Salt, Pepper to taste.
A squeeze of lemon.

The Bun

Added to this finely shredded lettuce.

I was glad to concoct a regular burger into a 'Gourmet Burger' with stuff already on hand and' some need to be used food'.

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  1. michelle69's Avatar
    Looks really good!

    I tried one at the Hard Rock Cafe in Denver that I would never have thought about combining. It had fried granny smith apples, carmelized onions and provolone cheese. It came with a sauce that I think was actually from the apples. I'm going to have to try and duplicate it.