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And once again... MOVED. Living with my really good friend at the moment. Not a bad place, its a duplex, comfortable... Much more comfortable than the house I was in for a while.

Ferret's been doing well....

Friend got a kitten. This kitten hates me though. Like to the point where its severely obvious and kinda scary. The good news is that the room mate had his fill of it and is getting rid of it tomorrow since it only used its litter box when it thought I'd be cleaning up the mess.... bad move on its part. Meows like there's no tomorrow. (Apparently being mixed with Siamese its common).... really irritating.

Just wish that I lived closer to downtown... just a little. Not much. Not to mention the day I moved out I got a new job.... that was in my old area... which is on the other side of town >_o irritating how my luck works sometimes. But I'm keeping it unless I find something closer to home...

I also found that I can make money reading cards and palms downtown... If I read for 4 hours I can make $30-50 on a good night... bad night its more like $15... but its something different- something to do instead of go to clubs (which aren't really my thing anyways*)

Just probably going to find some projects and whatnot to work on... Need something to do ....

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Tarrien you just have something with those cats don't you, .
    Glad to hear that some things are looking up for you.
  2. Tarrien's Avatar
    Yeah, most cats I see in larger doses aren't really my biggest fans.
  3. brchbell's Avatar
    Glad you are in a happy place! Good luck with the kitten! My daughter got one too. Everyone loves Capt. Jack but the little beast hisses at me each and every time! Hope kitty gets use to me soon!
  4. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Oy! You've moved so many times the last couple of years, I hope that this time you'll be able to settle in for awhile and relax .

    I also found that I can make money reading cards and palms downtown... If I read for 4 hours I can make $30-50 on a good night
    that's great! I'm glad you found a way to make some extra money doing something that you enjoy
  5. Tarrien's Avatar
    Yes, I'm actually pretty sure I'm going to be here for a good LONG time for once. Moving is such a pain sometimes.

    We're trying to give it away via Craigslist.

    :3 thank you.