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Thursday Workout: Shoulders, Traps & Abs

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Did you make it through the Wednesday Workout? Thursdays workout might seem a little daunting if you're first starting out. You could go with fewer repetitions or lighter weights, whatever works for you.

A few things to note, While this workout calls for a dumbbell "bench" press, I do not have a weight bench. Necessity is the mother of all invention, as they say, so I have a tendency to use whatever is available. Some days it's our el' cheapo ottoman, which is about the right length and size, other days (don't tell my mother) I use a cedar hopechest that I have in my bedroom.

The point is, you don't have to have expensive gym equipment to get the job done, just a touch of creativity.


If you'd like to track your workout progress, download and print our Free Thursday Workout Log

Please keep in mind that I designed this particular workout to fit my needs, personally. After having babies, I couldn't stand the post-baby flab pouch that seems to appear without invitation. In my opinion, pouches are for Kangaroos & pool tables, not moms.
You'll see, in future workouts, that I work my abdominal muscles 3x's per week.
Also, I tend to work my arms a bit harder than some ladies because dh is a Contractor. I am often his right hand woman, so to speak. If he's on a jobsite and needs help standing a wall, running bundles of shingles up a ladder, etc, I am often the one on call for that job.
Some ladies are afraid if they workout using weights that they will "Bulk up" like a man. This is a Myth. Rest assured, although you will develop a toned body, you will NOT take on a mans appearance.

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