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Christmas 2009 just 2 months away!

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On my lunch hour yesterday the weather was so nice I took a half hour walk through downtown Oakville, Ontario and saw the first artificial Christmas tree being assembled in a store window. Lights were strung on it and it was lit and the salesclerk was adding the garland! Halloween hasn't even come and gone or our Nov 11th Remembrance Day ( Veteran's Day). All my life I have been a Christmas person, visited the wonderful town of Frankenmouth Michigan the huge Bonner's store there many times. I wondered why I wasn't getting as excited as in previous years. Well, there are no excess funds to buy special treats, so I will resort to baking for family and friends. Yes homemade gifts are lovely but I would love to be able to splurge and buy something special for my husband and son who will also celebrate his 18th birthday on Dec 18th~ No common sense gifts but a little luxury! Well we'll see how the next few weeks go and maybe I will get a little bonus at work to treat the two special men in my life, and oh yes maybe a little something for me too!

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