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Mechanically Inclined? Free Automotive tools for Use

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Sometimes when you're desperately trying to stay within a (meager) budget, you find that your car doesn't cooperate with your budgeting schedule.
Just the other day a friend of ours ended up with a broken tie rod on his truck. Luckily, he is mechanically inclined and knows how to replace the part himself. Even luckier- our local Auto Zone Store offers a Free Loan-a-Tool-Service.

Yes, you read that correctly, Auto Zone offers free loan of a number of tools.

How does it work?

Just leave a deposit at the store when you pick up the tool. When you're through, just bring it back, and they'll refund the deposit, 100%.

A complete listing of the available tools is listed by category; Or you can stop by your local store and ask an AutoZoner for assistance.

The AutoZone Loan-A-Tool service loans out various tools for use in the following categories:

Air Conditioning
Heating and Cooling
Oil Pump
Pullers - Specialized
Pullers - Universal
Steering and Suspension
Valvetrain Repair
Wheel and Axle

(From AutoZone There's nothing like having the right tool for the job.

That's the idea behind AutoZone's Loan-A-Tool service. It's the most complete selection of seldom-used, expensive-to-own specialty tools that will help you do the job right. We offer more than 60 different tools for all sorts of jobs - steering and suspension work, air conditioning jobs, engine repair, and more.
So the next time your vehicle decides to interfere with your family budget, keep Auto Zone in mind, because this offer is nationwide.

Link to Auto Zone's Loan a Tool Service: | In Our Stores | Loan-A-Tool Program

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Thanks for the info! None near me but within a mile of my son! I'll make sure he knows! He just bought his first house and doing some of his own repairs would be great but he has very few tools. So nice to know he has a place to borrow from!
  2. jaime's Avatar
    Wow! I had no idea. We have one right around the corner. I will be sure to let dh know THANKS!
  3. MissDaisy's Avatar
    Thank you for posting this, I noticed a few of the freebie sites are just posting this information now. No doubt they saw your article and copied most of it. Thank you liss! I always come here first because I know Budget101 will have it before anyone else. :whee:

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