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The pouring rain is hiding my tears

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Went to bed in severe thunder storms and woke up to the same thing. DH deploys out this morning--again. This one isn't so bad. His guard unit has a big inspection in January so he'll be back on New Years Day for 30 days. He had done some work with the Predator Drones that fly in Iraq, ect so to keep him out of Iraq, ect. he volunteered for a new unit set up down in Texas. To far to visit with our schedule but we can talk often and have reliable internet! But knowing he won't be physically around always takes a toll on me. My youngest is going with us to the airport so she can drive instead of me trying to. After we leave DH we'll go on to Ft Leavenworth for a commissary run-- 1st one since June 1st! We decided to go get haircuts and eat out before hand. I did Sam's Club yesterday as a click & pull thing so I just have to run in and grab what they pulled for me over night. I got a long list of must do's so will be so busy for the next couple weeks to help me get over my sweet heart not being close by again. I never thought I'd be excited to see the big "6 0" approaching but once DH hits that next August Uncle Sam can't touch him. Although someone mentioned several month's ago that they could put a waiver in. DH quickly told them "NO THANKS"! We have a big 2 month explore the NW US trip planned for next Sept/Oct. I just got to get through until next August! I'll have to be like the little train that could and just keep telling myself "I think I can" I think I can" and by next Aug. I'll be able to say "I knew I could"! Sure don't feel like I can right now! Better get breakfast going, we'll need to go soon. I'll have to wear sunglasses all morning to hide my very red eyes. The pouring rain matches my breaking heart and tears today.

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  1. DohDohBird's Avatar


    There are no other appropriate words. Just Ugh.

  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    brchbll, how are you doing now? Have you been able to talk with the DH?
  3. brchbell's Avatar
    Yes, he's having fun getting together with lots of folks he's served with over the last 7 years. We've been working hard here getting the farm ready for winter.