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Free Software recommended by IT professionals

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I would just like to list some software that works good for computers and even better: FREE! Many of these are programs I have tested out myself as a fledgling of the IT field. I have a 2yr degree for Network Administration and have had the chance to try lots of things. These programs are used by IT professionals across the world as well as by people who do nothing more than read email. ^^ If you are interested in a program simply search the name in your favorite search google!


Comodo Security Suite

An easy to install and use antivirus and firewall. This program is very reliable so far in rooting out malware and viruses other products I've tried failed to remove.

AVG Antivirus

This program has gone through some changes since I used it last but it remains to be a free and easy antivirus and is widely used among IT people.

Spyware/malware removal


A great program for eliminating trojan programs and various other hostile programs. Its a great program for people who aren't familiar with such programs and is very safe.

SpyBot Search and Destroy

Spybot has been a dependable program for years. It is specialized for deleting hundreds of thousands of bots and hijacking programs


Hijackthis is an advanced program that should only be used by knowledgeable individuals. It is simple to use...many forums dedicated to helping resolve viral/spyware issues will ask a user to scan their pc with this and upload the results. This is a very powerful tool.

AdawareSe Personal

This was advertised on one of the news channels as being a great consumer product. I have used both the free and professional version with no discernible difference besides extra unnecessary features.


ncleaner is a feature heavy product to help clear out unnecessary files and speed up your pc. I always look at what files any cleaning program finds for deletion before letting it delete.

Disk Defrag

A very good defrag program. This basically arranges the files on your hard drive so they can be found faster by your pc. They can take a long time I usually start mine and go to bed ^^

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