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    • Laundry Room Makeover

      Our laundry room was a complete eyesore, but it just wasn't in the budget to splurge on redecorating overhaul. Instead I decided give the room a makeover for under $20.
      Laundry Room Makeover for

      Here is a Before shot of the laundry room. The hot water tank is clearly hanging out of the closet. Luckily my husband had an old piece of plywood hanging around in the shed, so I installed this piece beside the washing machine (so I would have a place to fold laundry).

      Laundry Room Makeover

      Project Expenses & Supplies:

      I purchased a package of cloth curtains for $12 at Big Lots.
      1 pkg Staples $3.
      1 Black Curtain Rod - purchased at a Walmart $5.

      First, I installed the curtain rod and a single curtain over the Water Closet doorway. Using leftover paint from when we originally painted the room, I painted the shelf beside the washing machine.

      Dirt Cheap Room Makeover

      Next, Using a pair of pinking shears, I cut the remaining curtain into several pieces. One to create a curtain for the shelf, leaving a hide away area for the laundry hamper, another to to create decorative pieces for the existing shelves. The stripes really add a nice contrast to the room.

      To attach the fabric, I simply stapled the fabric to the plywood. As you can see from the photo, I stapled the fabric in the stripes, which make the staples nearly impossible to spot.

      How to makeover a laundry room

      To make a window dressing for the door, I cut a section of curtain, gathered the material every 3 inches, poked a hole in it and tied it with raffia, repeating all across the top.
      The bottom is cut in a scalloped shape with pinking shears (to prevent unraveling).

      Laundry room Makeover #3

      While this isn't a complete "Makeover", it certainly spruced up the room and gave it a more "homey" feel with a splash of color.

      We'd love to see your Do it Yourself Makeover Projects as well! Please feel free to login and click on "create article" to submit your projects.
      Comments 15 Comments
      1. m.simmons's Avatar
        like the ideas. i have the same problem with the water heater!
      1. Liss's Avatar
        Quote Originally Posted by m.simmons View Post
        like the ideas. i have the same problem with the water heater!
        We remedied this by removing the electric hot water heater and installing an Instantaneous on-demand gas fired water heater. It's a small unit that hangs on the wall, leaving plenty of closet room. It has dropped our electric bill by over $75 a month. It was worth EVERY penny!
      1. renjac1301's Avatar
        my washer and dryer is in the garage, i have no idea on how to fix it up any suggestions?
      1. Jrwolf's Avatar
        I truly love your make over and you have given me an idea for my bathroom.

        I know you all do not see me much as active in the group but I am here. I cannot type well due to crippling of my hands with fibromyalgia, this illness can have good days and bad but winter is always the most painful for me. But I continue to keep going anyway. I now have Dragon Natural talking for my computer and learning it daily, so I will be able to be more active now.

        Thank you for letting me continue all this time.
      1. barb.r's Avatar
        Great job! Isn't it amazing how a little bit of imagination can change your whole outlook? There's nothing better than DIY!
      1. jereabee's Avatar
        wow amazing job way to go
      1. Rondahs's Avatar
        Looks Great! I love the colors.
      1. PatM058's Avatar
        love it! I have been stumped as to what to do with my laundry/mud room. most of these ideas will work great for the space. THANK YOU!!
      1. velvet1116's Avatar
        Cute idea . The room looks and feels homey ,you don't mind doing the laundry !
      1. TiffanyWheat's Avatar
        Too cute! Love, love, love the yellow paint, btw. So cheerful!
      1. MessyMom's Avatar
        Love the way you hid the eye sores and brightened up a room we all spend a lot of time in, but hate to!
      1. Cackywacky's Avatar
        Terrific idea! Love the colors and you have inspired me to DO something about my eyesore.
      1. Mrsbear's Avatar
        so happy for you. its surprising sometimes what small things can make a world of difference to our sensibilities. very happy, user friendly laundry room. and..(drum roll please) you did it yourself.
      1. kburg's Avatar
        I have such a tiny laundry room and a load of things to store in there. Any suggestions for "making extra space" for storage?
      1. root4me2's Avatar
        Love the navy and yellow and the stripes really give it the homey look you wanted. Great job on a shoe-string budget.

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      As always, Registration is Free!

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