• BBQ Bash Edible Centerpieces

    Planning on holding a BBQ Bash or a Party? Looking to Spruce up your Celebration table? First, make sure that your watermelon is at room temperature. It will be much easier for you to carve the melon and it won’t “sweat”, which often will cause your design to run. Secondly, for easier carving, make a thin slice along the bottom of the melon to provide a stable, non-moving base.

    Next, Choose the pattern that you’d like to carve.Carefully tape the pattern to your watermelon, using a toothpick or small pointed object carefully poke holes along your pattern lines indicating the areas you will carve out. (Just as you would a Pumpkin Carving Template.)

    Once you have added your pattern to your watermelon, carefully cut out the largest piece that is to be removed. Using a melon-baller or spoon, scoop out your melon, saving it in a bowl.

    When you're carving is ready, you can refill your watermelon later with an assortment of fruit chunks or fruit salad. For a little extra color include some fresh raspberries, blackberries or blueberries.

    All of the above baskets and designs are brought to you by the National Watermelon Promotion Board.
    We love to see when you like and share our hard work, but ask that you please follow just a few guidelines.. Use one photo of the finished product on your site and provide a link back to my original post. If you feature a photo from my post, it may not be accompanied by the project/recipe tutorial, whether in my own words as it originally appeared or paraphrased. Always feel free to share photos and links on Pinterest, as it will route back to the original post. Budget101.com is protected under copyright laws. If you any questions or would like to notify me that you’re sharing a post, please email me at liss @ budget101.com
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    1. DisneyGwrrl's Avatar
      DisneyGwrrl -
      OMG, the sea turtle watermelon is AWESOME! Thanks!
    1. itsmeReesi3's Avatar
      itsmeReesi3 -
      omg!! this is amazingly creative!
    1. Lindak's Avatar
      Lindak -
      I love the creativity of these. I will be doing some of them with my grandson...
    1. Kimberlysue's Avatar
      Kimberlysue -
      I love the pig and the boat, but the hedgehog is my favorite. Can't wait for summer.
    1. myhoodlums4's Avatar
      myhoodlums4 -
      omg!!! these are the cutest watermelon centerpieces that I have ever seen!! I am going to try the football helmit for the end of our football season!!
    1. bagaki's Avatar
      bagaki -
      Nice to see so many different ideas! The football helmet would be great for my Fantasy football get-togethers.
    1. DeborahBarrett's Avatar
      DeborahBarrett -
      Great ideas love that there are several different patterns!
    1. craftychic's Avatar
      craftychic -
      Wow I love this!!! Very good idea and fun too!!

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