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    • 2-Ingredient No-Knead Bread

      Simple 2 Ingredient Bread Mix Want a simple fresh bread, but hate all the work of kneading, mixing, measuring, etc? Here is an absolutely simple, no fail, 2 ingredient no-kneading bread recipe that will have you enjoying fresh bread in less than an hour (and most of that is simply baking time!)

      2-Ingredient No-Knead Bread

      Heat oven to 375. Lightly grease a loaf pan. Place the self-rising flour in a medium bowl. Add beer and stir just until flour is moistened completely. Scrape into prepared pan.

      Bake 50 to 55 minutes until top is lightly browned, the sides pull away from the pan and pick inserted near center comes out clean.

      Cool in pan on a wire rack 5 minutes, then turn out on rack to cool.

      Cut in 1/2-inch slices to serve. Makes great toast.

      Another good thing about this bread is that you can add other ingredients to it easily to change the flavor a bit -- for breakfast: raisins, diced apples, orange or lemon zest, bananas, diced pears, shredded cheese, etc.; or for lunches and dinners: chopped green onions, poultry seasoning, or just about anything you have a taste for! I guess you could say that it's adaptable!

      This recipe makes about 18 slices and around 70 calories depending on your additions.

      If you'd like to make a gift out of this, place the flour in bag, seal and label with directions and place an unopened bottle of beer beside it in a new loaf pan or in a gift basket. Decorate with a bow!

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      Can Stock Photo Inc. / dosecreative
      Comments 12 Comments
      1. MabelMartha's Avatar
        Excellent recipe and a great gift idea. Using part white whole wheat flour will increase the nutritional profile, while still resulting in a nice light load. Since this doesn't use yeast, it won't keep like a yeast bread wull. Of course, with a bread this tasty, that won't be a problem. A great recipe to take to a vacation rental. If you really want a loaf shape, take your
      1. Chessie A's Avatar
        Could a person use some sort of pop instead of beer?
      1. Candace's Avatar
        Quote Originally Posted by Chessie A View Post
        Could a person use some sort of pop instead of beer?
        No, beer contains yeast, which is an essential ingredient for the breast to come out
      1. froggysgirl's Avatar
        I can't wait to try this!!!
      1. szitas's Avatar
        This is an Awesome bread! Thanks for posting it
      1. doggit81's Avatar
        I made this with pumpkin lager...delicious! Tis the season
      1. beckyivey545's Avatar
        I would like to know if soda will work too
      1. KimKemp's Avatar
        I can't wait to try this -- thank you!
      1. KimKemp's Avatar
        Quote Originally Posted by beckyivey545 View Post
        I would like to know if soda will work too
        I believe beer is required due to the yeast it contains. Soda wouldn't give this bread the rise it requires -- you might end up with a brick instead.
      1. Stitch54's Avatar
        Going to try this today! Thanks for sharing.
      1. Lorijo's Avatar
        You can use ginger ale in place of beer if you wish. The recipe I've always used also calls for 3 Tbsp too.
      1. shiningstar479's Avatar
        Hi, I know alcohol burns off when cooking with but would the bread get to a high enough temp to do this so my children can eat it.?

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