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      Default No money to feed my kids recipe

      Well, I'm out of funds completely, and I have.. spam, pasta and tuna
      in my cupboard as well as rice.
      I decided to be imaginitive for once, so here is a recipe, I quite
      enjoyed it, reminded me of risotto.

      1 large red onion
      some rice, probably about a cup
      half a tin of spam ( chopped )
      garlic - 1/2 cloves, or a teaspoon of lazy garlic
      a teaspoon of tomato puree
      a pinch of salt
      chilli powder ( not necessary, but it adds something ).

      Pre-cook the rice using whatever method you like - steaming is
      probably better than boiling, but as long as there is no excess
      water, who cares?
      When the rice is cooking, chop your red onion into nice large chunks.

      Once the rice is cooked, or just before if you're feeling multi-
      taskable, fry the onion and garlic together in some olive oil, and
      add the tomatoe puree once they are done. Mix that in and add the
      salt. Pour the rice over the top of this mess and fold it all
      While you're folding and mixing it together, add your chilli powder
      if you want, and once the mixture has gone a reddish colour, add your
      chopped spam until its likely to be hot, and its beginning to 'turn'.

      Spoon it out into a bowl, voila. Something to eat.

      Took me about 20 minutes all together, and it certainly makes a
      difference from the pasta that I normally eat.

      There are many cheap dishes to make with rice also...believe me I
      have had no money to feed my kids cuz I had to pay bills. It sucks
      but we did survive! If they are hungry enough they will try it.

      spam is cheap and there is a million ways to make it

      tuna pasta never fails. and when you run out of tuna, you can just
      eat the pasta.

      if tuna is too expensive, a tomato sauce of a sort is a cheap option.

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      That sounds like a pretty good recipe. Will have to try it. Thank you. :smt001

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      If you have any oatmeal, Teach your kids to eat it. It is A LOT cheaper than cold cereals. You can also mix oatmeal with a little beef bouillion and water and make into patties and fry them in a little oil or bacon grease for "hamburgers" just put them on a bun and add anything you would normally put on a hamburger. I thought my friend was crazy when she told me about this but she made some for me w/o the beef bouillion and they were still good but I just think they would be better with a little beef flavor if you are substituting it for beef. I don't know about you but I don't worry too much about nutrition when it comes to kids being hungry! You can make oatmeal cookies or no bake cookies. You can even add oatmeal to homemade bread.

      Beans are also cheap and really good! They are even good for you. I make a big pot of beans at least once a week. I usually put in cajun seasoning. If I have it I sometimes I add canned tonatoes, gr. chilies, oinons and a can of corn and then you have everything you need in one dish Corn bread goes good with this though.. Keep some of the plain pinto beans out to mash up and put into a flour tortilla. Those are easy to make too. I'm ot sure if I remember right but I think it is just flour oil and water. roll it out and fry them just for a few seconds. on ea side. Ledarn to bake your own bread, hamburger buns, and pizza dough and you will save a ton of money. Be sure to get your yeast at either Sam's or Costco in a 2-3 lb bag. If stored in the freezer it will last almost forever.

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      Default Re: No money to feed my kids recipe

      Spam has many uses! I too have had no money to feed my kids but something must have happened cuz not one of us are looking like we missed many meals...lol...

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      Default Re: No money to feed my kids recipe

      Spam isn't all that cheap anymore... do you ever find coupons for it? I still remember as a kid when you sliced spam near a flourescent light= it Glows


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