• Almost Lipton's Onion Soup Mix

    Uses for Bounce Sheets-b101-copycat-liptons.jpgCreate your own simple onion soup mix to have on hand for a great last minute appetizer or for use in casseroles and other main dishes.
    Creating mixes ahead of time saves both time and money (particularly trips to the store!). This is one of our favorite mixes to keep on hand for whipping up dips, roasting flavorful potatoes, meatloaf, dump recipes in the crockpot and so much more.

    You'll Need:
    3/4 c. Dried minced onion
    1/3 c. beef bouillon granules
    4 tsp onion powder
    1/4 tsp crushed celery seed
    tsp sugar

    Combine all ingredients and seal in ziploc or vacuum seal bag (or jar). Approximate 5 Tbs of mix = (1) envelope (1 1/4 oz)

    To make onion dip:
    5 Tbs. Prepared Copycat Liptons Onion Soup Mix (as listed above)
    1 pint Sour Cream

    Blend well, refrigerate for at least an hour.

    Kick it up a notch by adding 2 Tbs Tobasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce.

    To Make Delicious Onion Roasted Potatoes:

    Wash 5-6 Russet potatoes and cut into chunks. Place the chunks in a Gallon ziplock bag, add 1-2 Tbs Olive oil, seal and shake to coat. Add 5 Tbs seasoning mix, seal and shake to coat. Pour them onto a baking sheet and bake 35-40 Minutes at 350F

    What is your favorite recipe using Onion Soup Mix?

    Photo Credit Submitted by BethAnne Traverse City, MI Used with her permission

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    1. naomlette's Avatar
      naomlette -
      Is this equivalent to 1 packet of onion soup mix?
    1. Candace's Avatar
      Candace -
      No, This makes more. You need 5 tbs per pint of sour cream.
    1. SherylB's Avatar
      SherylB -
      Is this recipe calling for fresh minced onion, or the dried minced onion from the spice aisle? Thanks for your help!
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      The mix recipe requires Dried minced onion.
    1. SherylB's Avatar
      SherylB -
      Thanks!! (sorry, couldn't find the "thanks button")

      Quote Originally Posted by FreebieQueen View Post
      The mix recipe requires Dried minced onion.
    1. MabelMartha's Avatar
      MabelMartha -
      I use this to season my beef roast prior to browning. Using this instead of salt and pepper adds flavor and gives it great color. Then, into the slow-cooker with onions, mushrooms, red wine, beef broth, and cloned cream of mushroom soup. Auto gravy for the roast. Always a hit for entertaining or family.
    1. Ryleigh's Avatar
      Ryleigh -
      I dry my own onions and grind my own onions ,so I guess this would work with these ?
    1. marieega's Avatar
      marieega -
      How many packets would you say this mix is equivalent to?
    1. fsly00's Avatar
      fsly00 -
      Where is a good place to get bouillon cheap
    1. normaswats's Avatar
      normaswats -
      Quote Originally Posted by fsly00 View Post
      Where is a good place to get bouillon cheap
      Walmart online sells Augason Farms brand bouillon in a #10 can. That's 5 pounds of bouillon for $22.36. If you use quite a bit of bouillon this is a good price. Compared to the smaller 3.25 ounce jars, it's about 1/2 price. I have a can but have not opened it yet. I use Augason Farms products on a regular basis. I just haven't opened the bouillon yet. If you go to AugasonFarms.com website, their reviews are outstanding. But it's cheaper if you buy from Walmart.
      Augason Farms Emergency Food Beef Bouillon Powder, 5 lb: ARCHIVE : Walmart.com
    1. shilofromohio58's Avatar
      shilofromohio58 -
      This is what brought me back! I tried this last year and it is wonderful! I use it all the time for everything. Thanks for keeping it as I lost the recipe.
    1. JEBFP6969's Avatar
      JEBFP6969 -
      Quote Originally Posted by naomlette View Post
      Is this equivalent to 1 packet of onion soup mix?
      It says it in the recipe.
    1. GramaJ's Avatar
      GramaJ -
      I know it's not much sugar, but would Splenda work in place of the sugar?
    1. CJohnson85's Avatar
      CJohnson85 -
      I think I'll actually try this. Thanks!

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