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Bear Graphic Created by (very Talented) Laura Duty

Make Your Own Personalized Clock!

You'll Need the following:
  1. 9" Clock (Any brand will do, but you can purchase "Mainstays" at wal-mart for about $3. each

  2. Cardstock ( I prefer 110 lb Index Stock) Although for a glossy effect I've also used Photo Paper

  3. Clip Art/ Scanned Photos & Graphics that you might like to use

  4. Ideas: wallpaper to match current decor; photos of your kids for a gift clock to relatives that are far away, photos of pets, your kids favorite cartoon characters or book characters, etc.

Step #1: Remove the batteries from your clock & then very carefully remove the face of the clock. To do this without scratching the face, simply place a paper towel over the face & very gently loosen the areas the have tabs inside. (In Mainstays Clocks the 3 tabs are located at the 12, 4 & 8 o'clock positions)

Step #2: You must remove the hands (Pay close attention to the order they are stacked on the rod.) and set them gently on a firm surface, be sure that you don't flip them or your clock may not work. Set the face aside (you can use it later to gauge the size of the hole in the center.)

Step #3: Using your favorite graphics program, open a blank page & create a circle the size of your clock. (In this case, we're using a 9 inch clock so the face diameter is actually 6.75 inches). Fill in the color of your choice, adding the graphics and name as desired to personalize your clock. This is the most time consuming part of your project

Step #4: Print & Cut out your clock on your cardstock or photo-paper. Be sure to allow it to dry completely so it doesn't smudge.



Step #5: Flip it over, graphics side down. Place your old clock face on top, making sure it is even and using a pencil, make a dot to mark the middle. Punch out the middle.

Step #6: Place the face you created onto the clock, over the center rod. (I prefer to glue the face down using a glue stick, but that's entirely optional). Reassemble the hands, pop the face back on & you're all Set!

You Have Just Created an easy, inexpensive, personalized gift!

Additional Gift Ideas:

Create a clock as an addition to a gift basket.

Add photos of your kids/Family to give to relatives that live far away.

Personalize your clock according to recipients Hobbies, Work, Occupation, Interests, Sports, etc.

Additional Tips & Ideas

 To Make a very small clock, use one of those annoying free CD's (from companies begging for you to use their service <G>) They are perfect size for bedside or Mantle. They can easily be hung or placed on a shelf with a stand. You can attach a hanger with hot glue or super glue. You can purchase "replacement" clock hands & battery holder at any hardware store for about $2-4. Depending on the size.


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