this is a cheap smoker to make. it is effecient and like i said..very cheap to make...

i didnt know where to post it, so if this is in the wrong spot, mods please move it.

here is the link to the detailed build

this is my build

this is what is called a UDS..ugly drum smoker

got a 55 gallon steel drum yesterday..looks like this

and burn baby

finding any weber replacement grills are impossible here without spending $40 so i built them..not totally round

coat of primer(most dont prime it but i had it down to bare needed it) plus intakes installed

charcoal basket all done ready to go..

all the hardware in place (the stuff on the inside of the drum is cooking spray not

picked up one of these today for $14.99

final paint...its a green pearl color..cant remember it at the pawn shop for $3 a

put around 6 lbs of unlit in charcoal basket around an old coffee can and lit 14 brickettes

opened up 3 intake valves...quickly closed one... down to one intake fully open....holding perfect bbq temps, will check shortly and adjust accordingly

4 hours later