• How to Clip Multiple Coupons Fast

    How to Clip Coupons Quickly

    I'm sure you've seen the posts in the forums or on various discussion lists where members gab about buying 5 newspapers and cutting the coupons. Perhaps your wondering how do they clip all those coupons before NEXT weeks paper arrives?!
    Here's an easy way to clip multiple coupons at once, in this example we are using 7 Sunday Papers.
    Help...empty pantry!-1-10-2008-158.jpg First, take out all the inserts out of your papers. Perhaps you have friends that are saving them for you, maybe
    you have a deal with your paper boy. - divide them into stacks according to what they are: S, V/RP, P&G
    Help...empty pantry!-1-10-2008-159.jpg Carefully open them up to the Center page and spread them out across whatever surface you have available: counter, floor, table, etc. Note: If your coupons come from Different papers or sources- they may be different inside. Make sure they are all the same.
    Help...empty pantry!-1-10-2008-162.jpg Starting in the the top left side- take the top page from each of your open inserts. If you have 7 papers, you should have 7 pages.
    Help...empty pantry!-1-10-2008-164.jpg Carefully line up all the edges so they are nice and neat.
    Help...empty pantry!-1-10-2008-165.jpg Take your staple gun and staple the coupon in the center of the Product or Logo Photograph. Be sure that you don't accidentally staple the expiration date! Then, flip the bundled coupons over and staple the coupons on the other side.
    Once you've stapled all the pages, begin cutting out your coupons. You'll see that they fall to the table in a nice neat little bundle. Be sure you don't cut into your UPC bar code or Expiration date. We recommend cutting up to 25 pages at a time- while it is possible to cut more than that, the edges won't be nice/crisp/ clean.
    Help...empty pantry!-1-10-2008-169.jpg Here's an example of our coupons in a bundle. You can un-staple them now and place them in your organizer, or you can slide them into your organizer and un-bundle them when you get ready to use them.

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    1. amanda23181's Avatar
      amanda23181 -
      Such a great tip and I would have thought of it in a million years!
    1. suzieqhoney's Avatar
      suzieqhoney -
      Awesome idea, not something I would have thought to do.
    1. kknnielsen's Avatar
      kknnielsen -
      Great idea! I have left mine stapled until I'm ready to use them.
    1. Vizoco's Avatar
      Vizoco -
      Great tip! I think I will leave them stapled to keep it more organized.
    1. orpheusdream's Avatar
      orpheusdream -
      Smart thinking! I have been using a small folder and sometimes it just becomes a mess.

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