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    • Arizona Green Tea

      Clone the taste of your favorite store bought drink! Our Almost Arizona Green Tea recipe is as close to the real thing, we bet you can't even taste the difference in a side by side taste match!

      8 c. water , Boiled
      1 Lipton green tea bag
      1/2 C. sugar (or 1/3) depends on taste buds!
      2 T. honey
      2 3/4 T. lemon juice
      1/4 T. ginseng extract (we leave this out)

      Steep tea bag in hot water for an hour. Add remaining ingredients, and serve over ice.
      Comments 7 Comments
      1. PurpleHyas240's Avatar
        PurpleHyas240 -
        OMG, I love Arizona Green tea, but if I can make it at home and just pour as I need it then I am defiantly going to start making it!
      1. MessyMom's Avatar
        MessyMom -
        Hurray!!! Thanks for sharing!I've tried Green tea at home and can't seem to get it right! I love Arizona Green Tea, but my family drinks it within a day when I buy a gallon! I'll definitely have to make this!
      1. Simmmy's Avatar
        Simmmy -
        ^.^ Love this !!!!I use Lipton's lemon ginseng green tea and then I add the honey or sugar or both XD Tastes so YUMMMMY and less ingredients needed!!
      1. LMMRR's Avatar
        LMMRR -
        Is the recipe for 8 CUPS or 8 oz?
      1. AngryLioness's Avatar
        AngryLioness -
        Quote Originally Posted by LMMRR View Post
        Is the recipe for 8 CUPS or 8 oz?
        8 CUPS, like it says.
      1. Tansy's Avatar
        Tansy -
        Can't wait to try this!! Going to make it for football Sunday
      1. pamster's Avatar
        pamster -
        Love the idea of being able to make my own Arizona Green tea.

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